Bentley Introduces Fingerprint Sensor Tech in Bentayga

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via The Hindu Business LineCustomisation will allow biometric safe storage in cabin

With so many reported cases of break-ins into parked cars, most of us have had to lug our stuff around reluctantly, weighing down on our shopping and partying expeditions. Well, you are in luck if you are looking for a solution to this problem and if you are in the market for a super luxury sports utility vehicle like the Bentley Bentayga.

Bentley is introducing a new capacitive fingerprint sensor technology with a secure stowage unit in the Bentayga, a feature that is bound to offer customers even greater peace of mind when they are looking to put away their precious accessories in a secure storage within the vehicle.

An official Bentley statement said that the fingerprint sensor technology has been applied to a high pressure die-cast aluminium secure stowage unit located in the cabin and that it has been developed by Bentley’s personal commissioning division, Mulliner. This discreet and unobtrusive locker creates the ideal place to stow valuables while at the beach, on the ski slope or utilising valet parking services. With two USB ports and an auxiliary socket, it can also be used for connecting and charging mobile devices both inside and outside of the unit, enabling occupants to access Bentayga’s extensive infotainment technology, including Apple CarPlay.

The Bentley statement quoting Uday Senapati, Mulliner’s Head of Technical Operations, said: “The Mulliner Biometric Secure Stowage unit is hidden from view. We are incorporating the familiar capacitive fingerprint sensor technology from smartphones that can store multiple fingerprints, allowing the user to control who accesses their valuables.”

Rare by design

Bentley’s Mulliner division responds to the requirements of the brand’s discerning customers by undertaking any type of personalisation to create a unique individualised Bentley. Recent examples of Mulliner’s craft include the Mulsanne Grand Limousine, with its one-metre stretch and private-aviation-style seating in the rear; and the Bentayga Field Sports — the ultimate luxury SUV accessory for sporting countryside pursuits — which features a bespoke installation at the rear with all the equipment required for a perfect rural adventure.

Source: The Hindu Business Line | Bentley Introduces Fingerprint Sensor Tech in Bentayga

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