IoT Workshop

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Mr Alex Shieh

Internet of Things (IoT) has fast becoming one of the trends in the IT industry. With billions of objects, devices, machines and humans connected, IoT is the way forward for many people and many industries. With this connected world, physical devices, objects, machines and people are closely inter-connected. The communication channel between them has also evolved from human–machine to machine–machine. Many devices and objects are able to gather and exchange huge amount of data via the variety of sensors and actuators that may be embedded in the devices. With such a trend, the lecturers in the Department of ICT saw a need to update their knowledge and skills in IoT. A workshop was organized to ensure that the relevant lecturers are equipped with competent knowledge and skills in IoT. Besides, this workshop the lecturers are also sent for other workshops related to IoT.

Mr. Low Koh Han
Mr. Low Koh Han (Associate Dean of Department of ICT) is giving the welcoming speech.

In view of the above, the Department of Information, Communication and Technologies (ICT) has successfully organized a one-day workshop on 19th October 2016 at its Computer Lab, for its staff to further enhance their IoT knowledge and skills. The Department of ICT was grateful and happy to collaborate with Hilti Asia IT Services Sdn Bhd who had been invited to share their knowledge of IoT with the ICT lecturers. The two subject experts from Hilti Asia IT Service Sdn Bhd, Mr. Calvin Boey and Mr. Alex Shieh, were very kind and eager in sharing their expertise and had also include hands-on practical sessions regarding use of cloud computing service provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and use of Raspberry Pi to demonstrate a simple end-to-end solutions in IoT.

Mr Calvin Boey
Mr. Calvin Boey is explaining one of the devices of IoT to the participants.

There were a total 16 academic staff attended this workshop. The full-day workshop had benefited the academic staff. The participants had the opportunity to know the IoT building blocks or platform, and reference architectures as well as knowing how the signals are transmitted among sensors via the hands-on session. This had given them a better view of how devices are communicating and exchanging data without much interferences of human.

Thanks must be given to Mr. Low Kok Han for requesting and cordially inviting experts from Hilti Asia IT Services Sdn Bhd to share their knowledge with academic staff. Thanks also to Mr. Ooi Chun Pew for coordinating the whole event and Mr. Calvin Boey and Mr. Alex Shieh for conducting the workshop and sharing their knowledge.

Mr Alex Shieh
Mr. Alex Shieh starts by introducing the concepts of IoT

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