Meet Mr Dengue in TAR UC

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On the 14th December 2016, TAR UC Chemistry and Biology Society organized a fun and interactive dengue awareness campaign entitled “Meet Mr. Dengue in TAR UC”, which is supported by TAR UC and Sanofi Pasteur. The campaign was held in Yum Yum Cafeteria, TAR UC, from 9 am to 5 pm. The aim of the campaign was to raise awareness about dengue infection and virus among the community in TAR UC through various fun and interactive games and also educational talk from medical expert.

In order to collect substantial data and information about the awareness level about dengue among the community in TAR UC, a survey was conducted from 1st December 2016 until 14th December 2016. The survey was also served as the pre-campaign activity. Questions about the infectious nature, serotypes of dengue virus, mode of transmission, and others, were asked in the survey. There were total 286 respondents responded to the survey.

On 14th December 2016, an opening ceremony of the campaign was held at Yum Yum Cafeteria concourse area, officiated by Mr. Low Kok Han, Associate Dean of Information and Communication Technology, Faculty of Applied Sciences and Computing, accompanied by Mr. Liew Jia Shi, President of TAR UC Chemistry and Biology Society. In their speech, both Mr Low and Mr Liew expressed their concern with the increasingly alarming rate of dengue cases occurred in Malaysia and also in TAR UC. They both agreed that demolishing Aedes mosquito breeding ground is the solution in controlling the infection rate of dengue as this species of mosquito is the vector for dengue virus. After the officiation of campaign, the VIPs were led by ushers to visit different interactive booths setup by Sanofi Pasteur.

There were total 6 booths setups for the event which were very interactive and informative, students can be seen enjoying with the games prepared. Each participant was given a souvenir bag after completion of all 6 booths activities. Examples of games are Seek and Destroy, Come Play With Me, Beat Mr. Dengue, Pose Like A Hero, etc.
In addition to that, Datin Prof. Dr. Chia Yook Chin from University Malaya Medical Centre was invited as a speaker to deliver a technical talk entitled “Dengue- Vector Control, Treatment, and Prevention”. There were more than 100 students from different science backgrounds including chemistry, bioscience, and sport science, in attending the talk. She shared technical knowledge about dengue virus, symptoms of infection, and also her personal experience as a medical practitioner in dealing with dengue patients.

The VIPs with Mr Dengue.

Visitors trying out their luck to win prizes at the booth.

The MC explaining on the programme flow to the visitors.

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