Perimeter Institute researcher Asimina Arvanitaki wins top physics prize

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Asimina (Mina) Arvanitaki. (Perimeter Institute)

Via The Record : Perimeter Institute’s Asimina Arvanitaki has become one of the youngest winners of the New Horizons in Physics Prize for her work to test some of the most fundamental ideas in physics.

At 36, she’s becoming known for her unconventional experiments in particle physics to probe basic questions about the tiniest building blocks of the universe. She accepted the award Sunday at a star-studded ceremony in Silicon Valley hosted by actor Morgan Freeman.

“My field of research, involving small-scale particle physics experiments, is a relatively new one, so it is rewarding for it to get this kind of recognition from the physics community,” Arvanitaki said in a statement.

She shares the award with Peter Graham of Stanford and Surjeet Rajendran of the University of California, Berkeley. Her share of the New Horizons prize will amount to just over $30,000.

“We are seeking novel ways to probe fundamental physics in ways that would not have been possible even 10 years ago. This award indicates that we are on the right track, with the potential to obtain important results with low-cost experiments on ever-shorter time scales,” she said.

“This recognition gives us even more ambition to live up to that potential.”

Arvanitaki joined Perimeter Institute in 2014, after earning an undergraduate degree from the University of Athens and a PhD from Stanford University. She’s the fifth scientist at Perimeter to win a New Horizons prize, more than any other think tank on the planet.

“Perimeter recruited Asimina precisely because she is a daring and unconventional young physicist developing exciting new paradigms for testing fundamental physics using precision experiments,” said Perimeter director Neil Turok in a statement.

“This well-deserved recognition underlines the importance and timeliness of her work. We hope it inspires others to be similarly ambitious and visionary.”

Source : THE RECORD | Perimeter Institute researcher Asimina Arvanitaki wins top physics prize 

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