Study Reveal That Only 69 Out Of 100 Will Eat A 3D Printed Pizza

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Via Mobile N Apps : Study Reveal That Only 69 Out Of 100 Will Eat A 3D Printed Pizza

One of the more intriguing technology that has fascinated the tech and gadget community this 2016 is 3D printing technology. As further developments in 3d printing technology are made, more and more new applications of the technology is being discovered.

A recent application of 3D printing technology that has gained ground this 2016 is 3D printing food technology. Although 3d printing food technology has rapidly become a fad in the 3d printing community, not all individuals have really accepted the fact of eating a food that is produced or printed by 3D printers.

The intriguing use of 3D printing technology to produce food has attracted the attention of numerous companies and organizations including NASA. In an earlier report, NASA was said to have commissioned researchers from the Systems and Materials Research Consultancy to research and develop the possibility of printing food in space.

Even famous chefs and restaurant owners are enthralled with the possibilities that the 3d printing food technology possesses. The food industry is intrigued by the idea that less conventional ingredients may be integrated into their recipes through the use of 3d printing technology.

Although the viability of the 3d printing food technology to produce foods that are not only edible but also more nutritious than its ‘normal’ counterparts is high, the said possibility is still met with a load of skepticism. In a recent research conducted by Bethany Turner and Deborah Lupton of the University of Canberra concerning 3d printing food technology, 69 out of 100 respondents answered in the affirmative when asked if they will consider eating a 3D printed pizza while only 43 considered eating a 3d printed chicken and vegetable meal.

In the above mentioned study, it was discovered that a lot of people will only consider eating a 3d printed food if it belongs to the more conventional food category. This discovery has resulted to the researchers’ conclusion that the opinion of people on 3rd printed food is likely related to their general perception and preference on food.

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